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Morgan offers a complete range of high performance foundry product and accessory for non ferrous and ferrous foundry applications.


The products are:

Degassing tubes:

For degassing aluminium in small to medium crucibles.

Degassing rotors:

One piece silicon carbide rotor, has a high resistance to wear and has excellent anti oxidation properties providing a cost effective consumable for use in foundries degassing processes.

Ladle bowls:

Ideal for sampling of the molten metal for spectrographic analysis or thermal analysis.


Suitable for use in all molten metal transfer systems, including spout, furnace to ladle and ladle to furnace.

Blue Lightning:

Superior protection, excellent service life, quick response and ease of use for aluminum and other non-ferrous melting and holding applications.

Stopper rods:

Have a refractoriness of 1600 - 1700oC with significant strength and erosion resistance making them the right choice for Auto Pour applications.

Stopper heads:
Convector segments:
Coatings - CBS Black powder, Morcem 900

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