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Foundry Automation :

BMC has been working various methods to perform aluminium foundry operations with where human input is minimised. The main aim is to increase the productivity, minimise the time and standardise the cycles. With auto ladler, sprayer and extractor many such High-pressure diecasting machines were automated and achieved the goal of increasing the productivity. To complete the automation process, various equipment, gadgets, and machineries were procured from different places in India and abroad, integrated the automation and provided service with spare parts. BMC continue to offer the service.

Molten Metal Transfer System :

BMC offer specially designed, efficient Metal Transfer Ladles to transfer the molten aluminium from the melting furnace to holding furnace or to the process area. These transfer ladles are manufactured distinctive material composition with high quality insulating technology to offer very less temperature loss during metal treatment & transfer. To offer operational & usage convenience, different models of capacity and transfer options are offered.

  • Metal transfer ladle with forklift option.
  • Metal transfer ladle with bail arm for overhead crane operation.

These ladles are available with tilting gear box for various applications with aluminium working capacities of 300, 450, 500, 600, 700 & 800 kgs.

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Molten Aluminium Transport System :

BMC can offer Molten Aluminium Metal Transport Ladles. These ladles are used to transport molten aluminium from the melting/alloy factory to the aluminium foundry in a truck. Suitable lashing arrangements to bind the ladle with the truck, fork lift clamps to load and unload the ladle, the bail arm arrangement to transfer the ladle to the pouring area and tilting gear box to enable pouring are provided for convenient operations. Transport ladles are offered without any heaters but with distinctive material composition, high quality insulating technology to offer very less temperature loss during metal transfer and pouring. A number of such transport ladles are used by many customers.

Capacities offered: 300, 500, 700 & 800 KG of molten aluminium.

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Morgan Electrically Heated Transport Ladle :

BMC can offer Molten Aluminium Transfer Ladles with forklift clamping arrangements of different capacities. Suitable Bail Arm & Tilting Gear Box to transfer molten aluminium in the process area. These ladles are electrically heated with coils to offer and maintain required/set temperature during metal treatment, transportation and longer holding time.

These ladles are available at different capacities like 300, 350, 500, 600, 700 & 1000 KG of molten aluminium.

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Metal transfer launders :

Launders are offered to transfer the molten metal from the pouring point to the process point without any temperature loss. These launders are manufactured by quality clay graphite products in different capacities and sies to suit the field requirement. These launders are mounted to suitable pouring liners, proper insulating materials and with covers to achieve very minimal temperature loss.

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Multi Point Dosing Furnace Automation :

BMC, with the association of leading Furnace manufacturers of the globe, can offer electric dosing furnace excels with the combination of accurate dosing up to 1% accuracy and melting / holding capabilities. This combination will be ideal to feed multiple pouring points without any manual intervention. Highly suitable for Gravity diecasting of larger castings. Multiple process like - melting, holding, treatment, dosing & pouring can be done in the Multi Point Dosing Furnace.

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